10 Ads on the DKW-Auto Union 3=6

Before Audi became the standard carriage for peacock drivers on the road, a company that went by the abbreviation DKW had existed. It produced a front-wheel drive, spacious compact car for the family and everyday use. The DKW 3=6 gets its name from what started out as an advertising slogan. It stands for the [More...]

Parking Lot Beauty: 1955 Plymouth Savoy

Low-buck, mid-range and easy to drive, that’s how this ’55 Savoy was described when it first appeared on the market. However, there is more that defines it. Cars from this era are rarely seen with paint on and not already returning to nature somewhere in the woods. In present day, ‘ran when parked’ would [More...]

Parking Lot Beauty: 1959 Austin Healy Sprite

There are fewer things more visceral than feeling raw speed, engine roaring up front, and you slamming gear after gear as you’re going into corners. This car is none of those things yet it is all of them. It’s small, low to the ground and its tiny 0.9L engine does not allow you to be as promiscuous as you [More...]

A Requiem for an ‘82 Diesel Benz

I had a Benz of my own once. It was my dream car. A W123, dreamt of nothing else. The sunroof would open on a warm sunny day, windows down, gliding over the road. When it was too cold and the engine wouldn’t turn over. Diesel fuel gelled and oil thickened. I thickened with frustration. There was an ice storm [More...]

Junkyard Find: 1979-1981 Mercedes –Benz W123 200D (UK spec.)

It is hard to believe that the Mercedes known ‘to never die’ is here, in the junkyard, where all cars go to die. Thankfully, it is not due to a mechanical failure but rather a front-end collision. The W123 chassis has earned its name as a reliable automobile due to the engineering of the diesel engine and the [More...]

10 Ads on the Mercedes-Benz W123

It is unfortunate that due to US laws the first W123s in America shipped with circular shaped sealed beam headlights as opposed to their European spec square ones. Now, every Benz fanatic is lusting after that Euro conversion front end, it’s one way you can add value to your precious W123. Back in the late 70s [More...]

Side Parked: 1983 Mercedes-Benz S123 300TD Wagon

There are cars which are simply a box on wheels and there are cars which make you brim with excitement. This one falls in between. Lawyers drove a Mercedes, doctors drove a Mercedes, dads drove a Mercedes. In a typical German preciseness, the wagon version of the W123 chassis has its own designation, S123. The [More...]

Junkyard Find: 1971 – 1973 Ford Pinto

To anyone who has ever owned a vehicle the words, mechanical sympathy, would mean something. I used to own rodents, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs as a child.  I always felt very guilty about keeping them caged. However, I knew that it was part of keeping them domesticated and the adults said so. That is how [More...]